Privacy Policy uses SSL (secure socket layer) to encrypt information before it is sent across the internet. This can be verified by checking for the lock or key icon in the status bar of your browser. Sensitive information is stored in encrypted form according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

If you do not feel comfortable sending your credit card information online, you may call us at 855-819-0009.

We are confident of our security measures and will reimburse our customers for any fraudulent activity that may arise from use of a credit card at our site. Consumer protection laws limit consumer liability to $50 if the fraud is reported within 60 days. Almost all credit card companies waive the $50 charge. In the event that your card company does not waive these charges, we will reimburse you for the amount your card company charges you, up to the $50 legal maximum. Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information. is committed to protecting the security and privacy of our customers. Our site uses cookies to make it possible for us to recognize you and your shopping cart from the many other visitors that are on our web site simultaneously. Practically all interactive web sites use cookies to be able to keep track of many simultaneous users. Cookies cannot extract any kind of personal information from your computer. When you are ready to proceed with checkout, you are transferred to a secure server which uses SSL technology to encrypt your information. does not sell or rent any personal information about our customers to marketing companies. We are in the business of selling quality health supplements, not personal information. As a natural consequence of the development of our company, we may at some point be acquired by another company. In the event that our company is sold, the information that we have collected may be transferred to the new owner.

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