Frequently Asked Questions - Drop Ship FAQ

Top frequently asekd qeustions from our drop ship customers

What is the drop ship service?
Nutrigains' drop ship service is a business model that gives online retailers access to the latest nutritions and supplements without any need to invest in inventory and stocking products.
Does Nutrigains drop ship its products?
Yes. Nutrigains ships the products directly to your customers with your private shipment label.
Is there a drop shipping fee?
Yes. Nutrigains offers a series of drop ship plans with different benefits. The list of all plans and their benefits as well as their fees are enlisted on the drop ship request form.
How do I get images and descriptions of the dropshipped products for my website?
You can subscribe to our Data Feed system to get access to our entire catalog.
What are some information would you need from me in order to have your wholesale prices list?
You need to fill out the Drop Ship Request Form to have the service started. The form asks for your full name, business name, business description, and website.
How often do you add new products to your catalog?
Due to the overchanging nature of the supplement and nutrition industry, our product catalog is updated constantly sometimes on daily basis. If you are in active data feed subscription, you will have access to all these changes so you can update your website accordingly.
Can I get partial/customized Datafeed?
Can I decide the product price?
Each drop ship plan has a predetermined discount percentage. For example, if your drop ship plan entails 22% off retail price, you will only pay $88 for a $100 protein. You can charge your customer at your desired price. However, you still need to pay for the shipment fee. If you would like to get the products at a lower price, you can subscribe to a higher drop ship plan to gain benefit from higher discounts, lower charges, and other subscription benefits.
Do I receive a confirmation email once the order is received?
Yes. For each order, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive another email when the product is shipped to your customer.
Can I Track Orders?
Yes. Once the order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email. Then you can login to your account and find the tracking number. We also have an online facility in our website that you track orders.
What is your shipping policy?
Here you can read our Shipping Policy
What is your return policy?
Here you can read our Return Policy
What do I do when I get an order?
When you have an order, you can login to your account in our website. Then please order the same product in our website and enter your customer's address as the shipping address. After your order is processed, we will ship the product directly to your customer.
Can I have my own logo/brand name on the packages?
Yes. Our drop ship plans include the private shipment label. The products will be shipped to your customer using your shipment label.

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