Protein Dropshipping Program Customer's Review

After signing up for the dropshipping program offered though I have been able to turn my business into something that is becoming very lucrative. I have found that utilizing nutrigains to drop ship all of the protein powders, pre workouts, creatine's and protein bars that I offer on my website my business has grown tremendously.  

I started my website back in 2013 and initially saw very little grow.  I determined that due to a lack of inventory I was not able to offer very many products nor was I able to get orders out very quickly.  I feel that these two reasons contributed towards the lack of growth.  
I contacted last year with intentions of fixing these problems.  What we collaboratively determined is that through there drop shipping subscription they could fill my orders in a time sensitive matter.  Their Protein DropShipping program has helped me to boost my gross sales as well as my customer count.  I feel that since I chose to utilize this program my business is now headed in the direction.  
I just want to give a thanks to the people over in the dropshipping team.  You guys have been amazing over the last year!
Mikey P

Supplements Dropship Services Review

I have been a successful gym owner in Austin, Texas for several years now. Over the years I have been told by many of my customers that I should offer a wider range of supplements.  We currently have a decent sized glass cabinet in the front of our gym that has a small selection of protein powders, some protein bars and a couple pre workouts.  

I've always felt that my customers advice was correct I was just always apprehensive in inventorying too many supplements.  These are products that all have a shelf life.  The last things I want to see happen would be the products expire before I was able to sell them. 
After several months of bouncing around ideas on the bests way to accomplish this dilemma I determined that inventorying the product myself was out of the question.  That's when we determined to build a website and start searching for a reliable drop shipper for these product.
Initially our search was broad but I soon determined that a lot of the health and wellness companies on the internet do not have the most up to date information, product descriptions, pictures, and most recent formulations of the products.  That's when I came across's drop shipping programs. not only has an extremely comprehensive platform but they have several dropshipping options to help customers like myself determine which subscription is going to be the most suitable for what I am trying to accomplish. clearly stands out as the leader in most up to date product information.  This became the most noticable when cross referencing the product information on the manufacturers sites to  
The dropshipping through as a whole has been terrific.  All of our customers including all of the clients I personal train now place there orders through me at the gym and I have ship these orders directly to there houses.  This solution has eliminated the liability of me having to inventory any product and my customers are happy.  I can focus on sales instead of having to worry about inventory hassles.
Arnold Patrick
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