Data Feed Access

Access to product catalog for drop ship customers

Using the Nutrigains' data feed service, you will gain access to our entire product catalog with details information on product description, prices, and specification. All product images will also be available to you.

In addition, the data feed subscription grants you access to the latest changes and updates in the nutrition industry. Our product catalog is updated on regular basis, and all updates are reflected in our data feed.

Our product catalog are available in different format including .xls, .xlsx, and csv format. So you can easily customize the catalog depending on your target platform and import the entire catalog into your store.

Our products are distinguished by our StockKeeping Unit (SKU) code. Regular changes in our product catalog are reflected using the same SKU. Due to the ever changing dynamics of the nutritional supplement industry, it is important to keep your website updated by regularly checking updates in our data feed system.

The data feed subscription includes a primary setup and activation fee. This will grant you access to our FTP/Server for one year. If you keep your Monthly Dropshippers account continuously open, you will not pay any renewal fees to access the data feed, if the dropshipper account is not continuously active, you may need to pay a one time fee for renewing the date access account.

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